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HERE’S HOW I DID IT: Tips and Hints From My Heart to Yours

The purpose of this article is to encourage you that you can-can-can do your passion, what your heart wants, your “it”.  So……

Nothing happens…  but first a Dream.
-- Carl Sandburg

Does it feel overwhelming to you to consider a project – or several – you would love to do?  Do you want to see all abuse stop overnight?  Elderly people feel joyous, healthy and productive?  All children have happy, supportive, loving parents?  Dogs and cats have a perfect home?  Snap your fingers and all over the world it is done, today?  The trees grow and the flowers bloom and the pollution dissolves, all over earth?  Or whatever your vision is……

Puzzle PiecesToo much!  So how can you do this?  Do you know exactly what you want to do?  And do you know where to start?

Many people look at their vision, and because it looks too big and they don’t know where to begin, they never do.  And the vision never moves into reality, and all are poorer for that.

This (old) scenario is no longer an option.

The money is here.  The time is now.  Projects must be started and completed.

So here are some thoughts and comments on how to overcome that “helpless” or “confused” feeling.  And the sense or fear that the elephant is way too big to “eat”.

Mary’s 3rd dimensional nature is as a math person.  Logic and puzzles.  Since the stars and heavens always fascinated her, her first freshman major was Astrophysics, which lasted till about the third criticism from some male freshman.  Not having any self confidence, she quickly switched to something more “normal”.  However she was always able to delve into a complex topic, understand it sufficiently to get to the “bottom line”, and then explain the subject to others in simple, easily understandable terms.  When she discovered an innate interest in color and design, she thought she should go back to school and become an architect.

But that was all very intellectual.  Mary’s personality was sometimes cold, usually withdrawn and shy when in a group and always when in a crowd, not good at verbal expression, very insecure, had great difficulty making friends, and generally a “wallflower”. 

She says she was not compassionate nor expressive, did not cut others much slack, and could not understand why people did not “get” ideas and concepts that were clear and obvious to her.  Tenth grade Latin was a nightmare; everyone had to speak to the whole class!  Her whole body totally shook when her turn came, which was way too often.

Her family moved a lot, so being always the “new” kid, and getting straight A’s, destroyed any potential popularity.  A couple of teachers even referred to her as their “model student” which was horrifying and embarrassing, and destroyed any confidence in attempting to make friends. 

So…..please know, and believe, that if someone like Mary can do it, anyone can!

Change your thoughts and change your world.
-- Norman Vincent Peale

When you may be feeling overwhelmed as to the scope and size of what you want to do, it’s probably not “you” but your left brain or your ego.  The ego loves to be in control and feels very shaky when its “control” is threatened.  Now, we need our ego.  It is not to be trashed or discounted or destroyed or “overcome”.  But it hates change because that process can be chaotic.  In order for it to feel “safe”, it will stop you from tackling a new project that feels out of its “comfort zone”, or anything that changes your “status quo”.  Remember how it feels just to start anything……an exercise program, a sensible diet, even to walk every day?  Scary, unfamiliar, breaking comfy habits……these are simple examples of when you feel off balance…..and that is your ego in charge and freaking out.  That is what causes people to quit such positive efforts to improve their health, or do any other valuable project.  The idea and effort to begin are wonderful.  The ego fearfully screams “NO” and people quit.

What to do?  Mary’s “been there done that”, and you might try some of these ideas.

Mary knew she had to change.  She began by initiating tentative conversations, with new people, on ideas she felt confidently knowledgeable about.  She took small opportunities to join groups of interest, internally asked for a supportive person to come and help her, and voila!  A mentor showed up.  She attended personal growth seminars at night and on weekends, and listened to talks on personal development.  She learned early on that how one thinks makes a difference.  Huge difference.  So she read the books they recommended.  Joining a networking business that provided a coach who was very compatible and patient, she learned to talk to strangers……. breaking all kinds of early training and patterns.  Scary!  But you can set your own pace, as she did.  She stopped focusing on her discomforts in doing all this, and learned that no one cares as much about you as they do about themselves; from this ah-ha insight she started to relax about herself and to think about others instead, giving them what could be of value to their lives.  It worked! 

Then more mentors arrived. Mary was given opportunities to speak worldwide, eventually to large audiences, and to do workshops on business skills training and communication skills.  She learned to not rest on the podium, but to move out so others could see her and she could speak more directly to them.  Soon some spiritual and metaphysical concepts became important, and listening to her inner guiding self suddenly was vital.  She reached out, more and more, and the Universe answered, and the necessary people and support appeared.

We are so much more than most of us believe about ourselves, more than our bodies and our brains.  We each embody MAGNIFICENT potentials, many talents and abilities and gifts.  We just need the focus and the confidence to take the actions that move us forward.  

You can call forth the people who are harmonious with you, who can catch your vision, and can help you with your projects.  Break your program into steps, each of which you can envision as doable.  Reach into your future, creating experiences and events from your heart, with a “whole-heartedly” perspective.  Heaven is not going to drop this all into your lap, at least not until you do your part.  Empower yourself with your thoughts, desires and determination to accomplish what you dream of and can see within as a coming reality without.

Then deliberately move into love.  See LOVE as the most important ingredient of our entire being and existence.  To open your heart is magical and creates a whole new feeling.  To come from your heart in all matters is a superior goal.  To move into love feels so good!  It opens our awareness to messages and guidance from all those who watch over us.  It empowers our natural, built-in intuition.

The heart encompasses all realities, all dimensions, all universes, because all is energy and no physical space is involved.  The heart is the I AM PRESENCE, the source, the creator, the manifestor.  The heart is in constant, direct connection with the ALL THAT IS.  The heart is the key as well as the door and the lock that the key fits.  It is the answer, always, to anything and everything.

Once you are “in love”, living in love, and since love never judges, you can move into the “observer” mode.  Pay attention, move aside and be aware.  See your ego / left brain as a child and you can become a good parent, like a mother would guide a toddler exploring new territory, watchful, loving, allowing the exploration but ready to step in instantly to protect, guide and redirect.  Using the Stop button when the old patterns and programs start running that say, “This is too big, you aren’t smart enough, you can’t do this, you aren’t talented or capable enough,” etc., etc.  We’ve all heard those mantras, haven’t we?

STOP!  Gently....

Seek balance.  Imagine a teeter-totter perfectly level, and when it leans one way or the other it quickly returns to the even position.

Help the intelligent left brain / ego feel comfortable with all it is good at, “cuddle” it in your arms, and support it while YOU the adult move ahead into the new areas you want to be active in.  Assist it in feeling secure and safe while you the adult observer move forward.  Reassure it with your loving words and presence.  Give it time to get over its skepticism, and be consistent and patient.  It will respond!

Mary says she, “got to where her intuition could detect when the ego felt insecure and wanted desperately to stop her.  The energy “drop” would not feel good.  That tendency is still present, but it improves every day.”  And you can do the same thing.  Be kind and gentle with this vital part of you, the ego, along with the inner child, that need to ascend with you……. you don’t want to leave any part of you behind!

Your inner child needs the same kind of loving attention, care, and support.  These two are different but have pretty much the same needs.  In order for them to integrate with each other, and for you to meld all parts of yourself into a cooperative and happy “whole you”, this work needs to be done.  And done now.  There is not much time left until we and Mother Gaia ascend, she becomes Terra Nova, and we move into full consciousness which is where we came from.

So this might be your most major project, the project of YOU, so that you are a fully empowered and complete being moving up in the dimensions, as well as meeting your portion of the vast humanitarian needs on the planet at this time.  Remember that you committed to do this, or you would not be here at this magical time.  We fully encourage you to get on with whatever it is that is required, for you, to become YOU, the real you, now.  So start.  Slowly maybe, but start.  One eats an elephant one bite at a time, with a small or large spoon, but it does get done.  A drop of water, if constant, will wear away the biggest rock.  YOU can do this!  Go for it.  We believe in you and your success. 

The only things that stand between a person

and what they want in life, is the will to try it,
and the faith to believe it’s possible.
-- Rich DeVos


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