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Bikes For Free

State (US Only)Florida
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)Find used bicycles, repair and refurbish them. Provide them free to children and adults. Focus on those who are poor and nearly destitute.

Fuelless Personal Aerial Transportation

State (US Only)Wisconsin
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)Counterberry- from Dec 1956 Aviation Studies report -"another name for lofting... the action of levitation where gravity's force is more than overcome by electrostatic or other propulsion." Currently lofting consists of airfoils for lift and electric, pis ...

High efficiency automobiles

State (US Only)Oregon
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)I designed a high torque magnetic motor that utilizes the attraction and repulsion of magnets, that will replace the internal combustion motor. I also have a system that I built and installed on my Yukon that actually tripled my gas mileage by a non-heat ...

LTA Personal Aircraft

State (US Only)Hawaii
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)This is a highly aerobatic electric powered, solar & li-po battery powered hybrid dirigible/aircraft. Extremely low power requirements for duration aloft. Model is designed and needs to be constructed to test. Gas bags are unique, simple, replaceable and ...

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