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Project Directory


Family Fitness Program

State (US Only)California
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)A place for each member of the family where they can enjoy working out together or individually with each specific needs for their overall well-being. Also, will offer full nutrition program and supplement to enhance and maintain their health to the fulle ...

Family Homes For Homeless

Category:Long Term
State (US Only)Florida
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)Buy up homes and give them free to homeless families, plus 1 year of living expenses. Initially in Florida.

Farm Fresh Milk Processing and Home Delivery

State (US Only)Pennsylvania
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)It is our dream to take our fresh, high quality milk and make it available locally at a reasonable cost to the consumer. We value our animals and our family. Making our small dairy farm viable in this century is going to take hard work and creativity. W ...

Father's Love

CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)I would like to buy foreclosed homes in Oregon for qualifing people getting out of prison for the purpose of reuniting and supporting their families.

Feline Sanctuary

State (US Only)New York
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)Feline Rescues started in Ulster County

Floating Plastic Island Recovery

State / Province (Non-US)British Columbia
Full Description (Required)To remove the " floating Plastic Island " in the pacific ocean and bring it to land for proper recycling of the materials with cargo ships tooled with cranes. I have a connection with a cargo ship broker and a recycling transport company

Flood Mitigation (Don't Force Us Out of Our Neighborhoo...

State (US Only)Massachusetts
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)Along with a group of neighbors in our area we experience serious flooding of our property (7 floods in the past 14 years). The township has not done anything to help us. The state has helped as much as the town, and the federal gov't (FEMA) we were t ...

Following up on my dreams?

State / Province (Non-US)Zuid-Holland
Full Description (Required)Full description 'Follow your heart because that's the beat in your unique rhythm of life' 'Hoe leef ik mijn wens?' is a book and first step towards a fulfilling, positive and potential future for teenagers. This book stimulates young people to expl ...

Food made from Algae in replace for food from animal

Category:Organic Beds
Full Description (Required)Human, enlightened humans need look for source of foods from algae for the stable of our planet. Eating animal foods, in long term, can not and will not honor the life of those animals and will delay the spiritual growth of mankind.

Free energy and Health to the Slums

Full Description (Required)I want to make free energy available to the slums of Korogocho and Kibera in Kenya. This will spread to the rest of Africa as a continent. This will be by way of creating magnetic motors that will drive dynamos that will power units such as homes or Jua K ...

Free Energy Generator

State (US Only)North Carolina
State / Province (Non-US)NC
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)I have completed the rough draft of the plans for a free energy generator I have been thinking of for about for over a year now. I believe this type design using two magnetic principles would power a home/building/vehicle without the need for fuel and wou ...

FREE Holistic Health Advise & Herbs for the Community

State (US Only)California
State / Province (Non-US)CA
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)I contribute herbs towards a special healthy living workshop called the Geo Yoga Cleanse workshop. It uses healthy diet and lifestyle and herbology to help people lose weight and change their lifestyles. This program which I co-facilitate with a fellow yo ...

Free Magnetic Energy

State / Province (Non-US)Hanoi Capital
Full Description (Required)I find out that somehow Nicolas Tesla technologies are available now. I would like to help those people here to have their home powered by magnetic power and replacing petrol-consuming vehicles with air-power engine. In case all petrol-consuming vehicles ...

Free Yoga in your Community

State (US Only)California
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)I offer FREE Yoga Classes within my community on Mondays and Tuesdays in Culver City. I would like to offer more classes and to specialized groups like the St. Anne's Pregnant Youth Program in Downtown Los Angeles and for other Pregnancy High schools thr ...

FreeRx 50-75% off Prescriptions Nation Wide

State (US Only)Illinois
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)I need an advertisement budget to help get this free program out to the gemneral public .

Fuelless Personal Aerial Transportation

State (US Only)Wisconsin
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)Counterberry- from Dec 1956 Aviation Studies report -"another name for lofting... the action of levitation where gravity's force is more than overcome by electrostatic or other propulsion." Currently lofting consists of airfoils for lift and electric, pis ...

Fundraising for Animal Rescue Nationwide

State (US Only)California
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)Second Acts is a non-profit fundraising organization that distributes 100% of all donations received to small, volunteer-run animal rescue groups nationwide which adopt a no-kill policy.


State (US Only)Oregon
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)To educate people on toxicity and how to treat it using SuperFoods. I do an on line alternative News show once a week on Cosmic Vision News. I teach people about their health and how to treat it using PH and alkalinity/ acidity scales to show how toxins s ...

Project Directory