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Project Directory

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Calyxes Healing & Ascensionwork

State / Province (Non-US)Overijssel
Full Description (Required)Project name: Calyxes Healing & Ascensionwork We are An-Ra and Sara from Shamanic Practice Calyxes in Deventer, The Netherlands. For a very long time we each have moved through a profound Healing period. In 2008 we met also in our present live and we ...

Cancer Prevention

State / Province (Non-US)BC
Full Description (Required)To create a fun program that teaches people the many ways they can prevent cancer and create more balance in their lives. Would like to join with someone who knows things like online gaming to teach cancer prevention. The learning needs to be fun, or th ...

Captured Moments Gallery

Category:Mixed Media
State (US Only)Arizona
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)Captured Moments Gallery is part of a larger nationally- distributed Free-to-consumer DVD magazine that will provide an outlet for those in the Photography / Video fields to expose their creative works to the nation & become a National Treasures provider ...

cell application App Reality programming

State / Province (Non-US)RJ
Full Description (Required)This concept of infiltrating the matrix programming has proved functional, it is through him that the changes are taking place on our planet, when someone intends in his heart to change the world with positive feelings in a specific area these people is u ...

Cellular Dentistry

State (US Only)Oregon
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)The restoration of human teeth in vitro. Utilizing organic cellular technology. Including the regeneration, and repair of existing teeth. I J K holds five [expired] provisional US patents. All was well, the brokers were selling stock, until a major healt ...

Center for Humanitarian Growth

State / Province (Non-US)British Columbis
Full Description (Required)A center for education on humane development, meditation, Spiritual growth (not religious) Proper eating and health awareness.

Child Healing Arts Program (CHAP)

State (US Only)California
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)Helping Orphans Worldwide (HOW) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2007. HOW is committed to providing hope, health and security to abused, abandoned and neglected children living in deprived areas of the world. HOW's goal is to assist in ...

Clean Ocean and Clean Rivers Through Watershed Manageme...

State (US Only)Alabama
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)Shorecombers is a global edutainment company built on a core study program of watershed planning, clean water advocacy, and community engagement in service of clean water. The target audience is engaged in some form of water dependent activity such as bir ...

Clean Vegetables powered by Tachion Energy

Category:Organic Beds
State / Province (Non-US)Hanoi Capital
Full Description (Required)I am an Tachion energy practicer so I know that vegetables when attuned to Tachion Energy bring much more nutrition and need not pesticides. So I plan to have some farm to grow Tachion-energy vegetables.

Clean Water

State (US Only)Florida
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)Subject: A proposal to purchase and educate in the usage of healthy, bacteria free water for Miami-Dade County, Florida and the Miccosukee Indian reservation in Miami-Dade County, Florida. Purpose I write this letter to propose a solution to a recurri ...

CoAbode-Single Mothers House Sharing

Category:Long Term
State (US Only)California
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)CoAbode’s mission is to provide support and services that connect women raising children alone. Thru this connection, single parent women families pool their finances and resources to improve their living conditions for themselves and their children by ...

COLABORAMA - Towards a Zero Waste Economy

Category:Open Source
State / Province (Non-US)Lisbon
Full Description (Required)Vision Have you ever imagined what would be like if every time you buy something you had easy access to the right information to make a better choice? A choice that was more beneficial for your health, for your community and for the planet? We believe ...

Cold Fusion

State (US Only)California
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)I published an article on Cold fusion in Infinite Energy Magazine #87, Sept.-Oct. 2009. This appeared as the leading Letter to the Editor, entitled "Fusion Energy Generation in the Solid State by Nuclear Acoustic Resonance of Bloch Quasiparticle Deuteron ...

Community Empowerment Project

Category:Long Term
State (US Only)California
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)The White Light Group (TWLG) is non-profit humanitarian organization with Green Community Empowerment Projects that are based on a culmination of our collective experience in developing balanced and innovative projects, supported by a global network of pr ...

Community Resources for Mature Women without Minor Chil...

State (US Only)Oregon
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)Proposed Project: Mature Women With A Goal Non-profit Organization Community resources and mentoring of women requires special consideration. It necessitates a specialized community resource organization and stages of growth for the mentee/protégé by ...

Community Sanitation Services and Public Transportation

State (US Only)Oregon
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)Through my commitment to the poor and hardcore poor, and among these women and children in particular, I want to provide Sanitation and Hygiene promotion and services to the public, and to ensure all citizens of Oregon have access to basic public wash/ r ...

Community, Leader and Organization Empowerment

State (US Only)Nevada
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)e3CLO is a global organization specializing in integrated development solutions that bring together public, private, and civil sectors. We work directly with communities, leaders and organizations around the world to create and sustain socio-economic envi ...

Compassion Pets

Category:Care Assistance
State (US Only)Oregon
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)This program would provide abanded animales free food, shelter, medical needs, and match them to a child in need.


Category:Home Care
State (US Only)Washington
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)Many seniors live solitary lives without discretionary funds or the physical ability to get out of the house. Reliable computers would give them access to the internet and essentially the rest of the world. Some may require basic training, available at ...

Conscious Birth for a Thriving Earth (book)

State / Province (Non-US)San Jose, Perez Zeledon
CountryCosta Rica
Full Description (Required)Birth is a powerful initiation that has the power to strengthen and empower those who are involved. This book describes the effect that birth can have on each initiate in the process; mother, father, and baby. It explains the role birth plays in our sub ...
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Project Directory