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A Forgotten Society

Category:Home Care
State (US Only)Michigan
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)My foundation will provide seniors with at home companionship. On each visit I will present seniors with gifts of appreciation, gifts such as, flowers, a computer (with lessons if needed), fruit baskets, perhaps even a hand rail for their shower and/or tu ...

A Place To Call Home

State (US Only)New York
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)My mission with these funds would be to invest in apartment buildings and 1,2, and 3 family homes, and rent them out to people within the Section Eight program. I would form a disciplined team to help me locate homes and buildings being foreclosed, or th ...

A private environment preservation area

State / Province (Non-US)Vietnam
Full Description (Required)I plan to erect a safe environment mainly for birds, trees and maybe some small animals. Besides traditional protection methods, I will also apply some of my own to ensure the highest possible protection in this environment. The ultimate goal is to re ...

Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent

CountryUnited Kingdom
Full Description (Required)The project is based on the petition before the EU Petitions Committee to Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent in the UK. See It includes the abolition of the Sec ...

Abundant Hope Assisted Living

State (US Only)South Dakota
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)To provide a retirement home for the elderly who have worked on their farms all their life. It is sad to see these folks work so hard to feed the nation and then have a retirement home just take all their land and money, just like that. What we want to ...

After School Learning Centers

State (US Only)North Carolina
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)I would like to implement learning centers in various states as a Pilot, then implement fully after 1 year. To establish a place for children to come, of school age, to get tutoring and help with math, computer and reading. Also to have a reading center f ...

Aging With Integrity

Category:Home Care
State (US Only)Maryland
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)Integrity Nursing Services Unlimited, Inc. established in 2006, is committed to providing support to the elderly so that they may live dignified, meaningful, and engaged lives in the community and to maintain their independence for as long as possible. We ...

Alcohol abused children and young adults

State (US Only)Illinois
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)Sweet Children Foundation was created with vision focused on children and young adults to break free from the crippling effects of alcoholism, by introducing the knowledge and encouragement that one needs to realize their own inner strengths and weaknesse ...

Algae OIL & Biofuels Production

State (US Only)Washington
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)Algae to alkane (hydrocarbon) OIL to sell as is, and to refine into biofuels, production project to be sited near city of Santa Rosa, New Mexico. Once funded we will establish capacity to produce over 200 million gallons of algae OIL, and refined biofuel ...

American Education Reform Initiative Project AERI

State (US Only)Colorado
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)Utilizing technologically advanced systems of education that support and advance transformative paradigms and conditions will allow humanity to expand and experience an increased awareness which honors the full range of individual, corporate, institutiona ...

Aquaponics Production clean water plasma nutrition

State (US Only)Ohio
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)I Chef Thomas Hill President of Creational Love mission, and our goal is to apply Aquaponics Production to raise fish( rainbow trout) and a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables and herbs year round in our local community. I will use a method to purify t ...

Artists (English translation)

State / Province (Non-US)Taiwan
Full Description (Required)Basic living needs, grocery shopping, rent, utilities, phone, internet expenses. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I was mentally disabled persons currently 53 years old. This year's social welfare was canceled. After years of social life suf ...


State (US Only)Florida
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT - HUMANITARIAN IMPACT The Rangers Drum and Bugle Corps is being created to serve boys and girls aged 7 to 21. ALL children are invited to participate in auditions, but preference will be given youth that have “fallen be ...

Ascending Adobe Abodes

State (US Only)California
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)To lessen the impact on Mother Earth for our human needs of shelter. For thousands of years, earth brick and block have been used succesfully. We just need to update the product for use in our Western Society. Utilizing the massive amounts of clay foun ...

Ascension Health & Healing

Full Description (Required)To provide a centre where a wholistic approach using natural remedies and energy medicine will be available, for health of every body. It will also be an educational centre for the very young and not so young in areas of metaphysics and their health and ...

Ascension School-Pan's Garden

Category:Organic Beds
State (US Only)Florida
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)Ascension School started a few years ago in my garden while in communication with Pan and the nature spirits. Our mission is to provide food for those in need in my community and to provide an anchor for expansion of mother earth's raw energy. Our co ...

Ascension Scool - Pan Gardens

Category:Organic Beds
State (US Only)Florida
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)Hi, I submitted a full proposal about 6weeks ago and haven't received a noticed of confirmation or rejection. Please look into this for me. Thank you. Dean Turner

Project Directory