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Organic Beds

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Food made from Algae in replace for food from animal

Full Description (Required)Human, enlightened humans need look for source of foods from algae for the stable of our planet. Eating animal foods, in long term, can not and will not honor the life of those animals and will delay the spiritual growth of mankind.

Clean Vegetables powered by Tachion Energy

State / Province (Non-US)Hanoi Capital
Full Description (Required)I am an Tachion energy practicer so I know that vegetables when attuned to Tachion Energy bring much more nutrition and need not pesticides. So I plan to have some farm to grow Tachion-energy vegetables.

The Gardens at OmHaven

State / Province (Non-US)BC
Full Description (Required)The Gardens at OmHaven is a project that will grow vegetables and herbs from Heritage seeds to preserve the viability of true food sources. Portions of this garden will be given back to food banks and those in need within the community.

Malibu Sustainable Living

State (US Only)California
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)We have 10 acres of land in Malibu, Calif. since 1991. For 19 years we have been working toward our goal of setting up a sustainable homestead (totally off the grid) to educate children and others on how to live sustainably, how to plant organically, comp ...


State (US Only)Oregon
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)I would like to buy 200 a. of land to grow organic food and give it to our local food bank.

Hawaii Food Forest Project

State (US Only)Hawaii
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)HAWAII FOOD FOREST PROJECT & INNOVATION CENTER BRIEF OVERVIEW VISION Design and plant a Food Forest, on Hawaii Island, utilizing the principles of permaculture in cooperation and harmony with the land and nature. Providing an opportunity for those ...

Earth Foods

State (US Only)Pennsylvania
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)Grow and produce safe-organic non gmo vegetables and fruits with no pesticides.......grown fresh on a 300 acres and supplying the needy everyday with food and teach the public with educational information how to grow their own food without pesticides..... ...

Ascension School-Pan's Garden

State (US Only)Florida
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)Ascension School started a few years ago in my garden while in communication with Pan and the nature spirits. Our mission is to provide food for those in need in my community and to provide an anchor for expansion of mother earth's raw energy. Our co ...

Ascension Scool - Pan Gardens

State (US Only)Florida
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)Hi, I submitted a full proposal about 6weeks ago and haven't received a noticed of confirmation or rejection. Please look into this for me. Thank you. Dean Turner

Organic Produce and Houses

Full Description (Required)my dreams starting from here.....and words are beyond description than videos in the first place....... I wish all Taiwan families are taking their daily food on a basis of organic & healthy stuff ins ...

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