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Free energy and Health to the Slums

Full Description (Required)I want to make free energy available to the slums of Korogocho and Kibera in Kenya. This will spread to the rest of Africa as a continent. This will be by way of creating magnetic motors that will drive dynamos that will power units such as homes or Jua K ...

Geotherm Electric Plant Chaiten

State / Province (Non-US)Los Lagos
Full Description (Required)The project intent is to build up a Geotherm electric 200MW facility in Chaiten, Chile, South America. Chaiten village, with 25.000 habitants, has been erased out by an eruption of a dormant volcano of 10.000 years, and the inhabitants has migrated and ...


Full Description (Required)waitin for nesara :-) at moment no money to make a global patent :-( for a gravity energy changer . possible in different sizes , from little mobiles to really big machines . sry, for my bad english . maybe there are more languages possible on th ...

Harmonic Energy

State / Province (Non-US)British Columbia
Full Description (Required)I have been interested in 'free' energy for 30 years. In the last 10 years I have spent many hours doing research and building projects with interesting results. One of my current projects uses neodymium magnets in an electrical generator of my own design ...

Quantum Free Energy Systems

State / Province (Non-US)BC
Full Description (Required)I have been working on conventional energy systems for some time that would replace the gas engines. No plugging in to recharge batteries and using less batteries. In the near future no batteries. The same systems can be used to power single homes or smal ...


State (US Only)Wyoming
State / Province (Non-US)UGANDA
Full Description (Required)BURANGA SUPERSTAR ARTIST (BUSA) P.O. Box 429 Kasese Uganda Email: / Tel: +256- (0)774-365137 Dear Sir/Madam, RE: APPLICATION FOR FINANCIAL SUPPORT WORTH US$ 12473.17 FOR IMPLEMENTING A BIO-TERRA CLAY FUE ...

Free Magnetic Energy

State / Province (Non-US)Hanoi Capital
Full Description (Required)I find out that somehow Nicolas Tesla technologies are available now. I would like to help those people here to have their home powered by magnetic power and replacing petrol-consuming vehicles with air-power engine. In case all petrol-consuming vehicles ...

Living Machine at OmHaven Institute

State / Province (Non-US)BC
Full Description (Required)Development, and construction of a Living Machine Water Waste Treatment System

Geothermal Pond

State / Province (Non-US)BC
Full Description (Required)Geothermal Pond. Submersing geothermal pipes into pond to be attached to chain link fencing in order to provide hot water to all areas of project.

Solar Converstion

State / Province (Non-US)BC
Full Description (Required)Solar conversion of existing pumphouses and irrigation lines.


State / Province (Non-US)South Australia
Full Description (Required)Spectrum is designed in reminiscence of Nikola Teslas 'Wardencliffe' built to distribute world wide electricity and communications. It is a cooperative community centre of Retail/office spaces, Cafe and community kitchen, Laboratory, Childcare, Revegetat ...

Going to Work

State (US Only)California
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)What would happen if our country was given a second chance at correcting all the wrongs born of inappropriate public/private collusions and corruption at the highest levels? What would happen if some of the most amazing, but suppressed, alternative ene ...

home power system

State (US Only)Florida
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)A prefab 8x8 garage with sun-tracking solar panels, windmill wind, batteries, generators and a propane generator and all the inverters and power switching stations, so when delivered to a home or site it just has to be hooked up to the home wiring. Can b ...

Searl Effect Generator

State / Province (Non-US)Somerset
CountryUnited Kingdom
Full Description (Required)Searl Effect Generator S.E.G is a clean power generator that can power anything that requires electricity. It is a mechanical magnetic device with a blueprint formula based on natural mathematical law of the squares. It is a linear motor circling on ...

Algae OIL & Biofuels Production

State (US Only)Washington
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)Algae to alkane (hydrocarbon) OIL to sell as is, and to refine into biofuels, production project to be sited near city of Santa Rosa, New Mexico. Once funded we will establish capacity to produce over 200 million gallons of algae OIL, and refined biofuel ...

Zero fossil fuel technology

State (US Only)Oregon
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)I have several projects in the works, from vaporized bi-fuel, vaporized gas injection, parabolic shields for solar increases, magnetic motor, self-feeding generators, HHO cells, portable self contained hydro units, water and earth batteries, zero friction ...

Tidal Power

State / Province (Non-US)Florida
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)A platform that contains floats and rods that as the floats rise on the tide the rods run gears that generate electricity. As high tide is reached the floats let in water and the weight of the water will allow the floats to fall with the tide generating m ...


State (US Only)Texas
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)1 PROJECT OVERVIEW: This project is to make the World a Cleaner Place to Live by making up to 100,000,00,000,000 gallons of biodiesel at two locations costing $110,000 each or $220,000. Biodiesel will be distributed through 100 biodiesel truck stop ...

Free Energy Generator

State (US Only)North Carolina
State / Province (Non-US)NC
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)I have completed the rough draft of the plans for a free energy generator I have been thinking of for about for over a year now. I believe this type design using two magnetic principles would power a home/building/vehicle without the need for fuel and wou ...

Cold Fusion

State (US Only)California
CountryUnited States
Full Description (Required)I published an article on Cold fusion in Infinite Energy Magazine #87, Sept.-Oct. 2009. This appeared as the leading Letter to the Editor, entitled "Fusion Energy Generation in the Solid State by Nuclear Acoustic Resonance of Bloch Quasiparticle Deuteron ...
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