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Welcome to Prosperity Projects

Helping HandsDo you have a dream?  Are you someone who can make a difference? was created to provide a clearing house for those with time, expertise or funding to team up with those involved in humanitarian-based projects.  Just a few examples would be in the area of environmental... such as cleanup or reforestation,  construction... such as sustainable building, energy... such as alternative energy, public or personal transportation, health... such as nutrition and fitness, working with chlidren, working with the elderly, working with the homeless, working with animals, art and music.

This website provides communications in 2 key areas:

First:  People can submit their projects for others to read about.  Full contact info is required (name of responsible party, phones, email, physical location/address), a description of their project, the status of the project (proposed, plans completed or in process, project running now but needs funds and for what specific purpose, etc.), and specific assistance needed (carpenter, teacher, accountant, project manager, etc.). 

Second:  People with funds and expertise can click on types of projects that they would be interested in supporting.  Also, they can enter their state or country to find projects that are close to them using the site's powerful "search..." feature for another convenient way to access information.

No registration is necessary in order to view Projects.

To create a listing, you must be a registered guest of  Registration is simple and absolutely free of charge. 

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Why Consider a Private Charitable Foundation?

Circle of HandsThe “trust” concept blossomed in England in the Middle Ages when landowners were building wealth, and some of them bore children who would not be able to manage the assets they would eventually inherit.  Such children who were physically, mentally or emotionally handicapped (remember there were no public nor government services at that time) needed to be provided for as well.  So a wealthy friend would volunteer, that upon the passing of the parents, to oversee the care of the children as well as to accept responsibility for stewardship of the family wealth in the interests of lifetime protection for such offspring.  Thus the “third party” concept developed, to responsibly, honorably and ethically steward the assets, have total control without actual ownership, afnd monitor the children as well.  This is the historical basis of a “Trust”.

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Step by Step

HERE’S HOW I DID IT: Tips and Hints From My Heart to Yours

The purpose of this article is to encourage you that you can-can-can do your passion, what your heart wants, your “it”.  So……

Nothing happens…  but first a Dream.
-- Carl Sandburg

Does it feel overwhelming to you to consider a project – or several – you would love to do?  Do you want to see all abuse stop overnight?  Elderly people feel joyous, healthy and productive?  All children have happy, supportive, loving parents?  Dogs and cats have a perfect home?  Snap your fingers and all over the world it is done, today?  The trees grow and the flowers bloom and the pollution dissolves, all over earth?  Or whatever your vision is……


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